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Parenting ideas

Michael Grose is an Australian leading expert in parenting who travels internationally to share his advice and stories. We will include an article of his on our website from time to time for you to read. His advice is always interesting to us as parents. Please read these articles and feel free to discuss them with your child's teacher at any given chance.

When Kids Bend the Truth (pdf 8253 KB)

Helping Kids Be Brave (pdf 6506 KB)

Let Kids Amaze (pdf 2447 KB)

Helping Kids Focus (pdf 3379 KB)

Faces of Independence (pdf 716 KB)

Easing Children's Anxiety (pdf 2562 KB)

Develop Resilience Mindset (pdf 674 KB)

Teach kids to solve problem (pdf 401 KB)

Exploring the New Frontier (pdf 449 KB)

BFF Forever (pdf 671 KB)

How to Raise a Child Giver (pdf 674 KB)

Keeping Kids Cyber Safe (pdf 590 KB)

Build Parent-School Rel. (pdf 6470 KB)

It's Not Okay to be Away (pdf 687 KB)

Developing Independence (pdf 280 KB)

Not in front of the child (pdf 334 KB)